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Why Marijuana Could Be Legal in Florida as Soon as 2020  Rolling Stone

For years, the possibility of legalizing recreational adult-use marijuana in Florida was little more than an afterthought — but in recently, momentum's picked up.


Lawyer who told clients marijuana use was legal ordered to pay $370,000  Fox News

A Florida lawyer who informed his clients they were legally allowed to grow cannabis was arrested on multiple felony charges and ordered to pay a couple who ...


Maryland Court Rules A Car Smelling Of Pot Can Be Searched But Not A Person  NPR

The state's Court of Appeals said officers violated a man's Fourth Amendment rights by conducting a warrantless search of his person, after he was approached ...


U.S. Attorney offering to prosecute marijuana cases for the state

U.S. Attorney Larry Keefe offered to prosecute marijuana cases that state attorneys across the Northern District of Florida won't.


Up In Smoke: Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing Goes Poof In NYC And Nevada  Forbes

Starting next year, job seekers in New York City and Nevada will no longer have to worry about whether they'll flunk a pre-employment drug test — and lose out ...


Marijuana legalization: The unintended consequences of more potent pot  CBS News

"This is nuclear strength… rocket science Ph.D.s coming in and making this stuff stronger than any strains of weed anyone has ever known"


California has the biggest legal marijuana market in the world. Its black market is even bigger  Los Angeles Times

California is on track to post a record $3.1 billion in licensed cannabis sales this year, solidifying its status as the largest legal marijuana market in the world, ...


Andrew Yang promises mass pardon to those imprisoned for nonviolent marijuana offenses | TheHill  The Hill

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang promised a "mass pardon" to those imprisoned for nonviolent marijuana convictions.


Recreational marijuana New Mexico | Illinois medical marijuana program  Marijuana Business Daily

Review of recreational marijuana in New Mexico, New conditions added to Illinois medical marijuana program, Canntrust news and more This Week in Review.


Freehold might get medical marijuana dispensary  Asbury Park Press

Freehold could see its first-ever medical marijuana dispensary if a group can convince the borough council Monday night.


Marijuana and hemp in Ohio: What's legal and what's not?

There is some confusion about whether Ohio legalized recreational marijuana when it legalized hemp.


Illinois' Hazy New Law Legalizing Recreational Use Of Marijuana  Forbes

Illinois has legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This article highlights the implications of this move on employers.


Fine print could snarl Illinois rollout of legalized marijuana  Crain's Chicago Business

The fine print in the state's 610-page recreational marijuana bill could provide some challenges to getting retail sales up and running by Jan. 1.


Seven Years After Legalization, Colorado Battles An Illegal Marijuana Market  KUNC

Earlier this spring, police in Fort Collins seized 420 marijauna plants (yes, 420) that had been illegally grown inside area homes. Also recovered:


Medical marijuana markets are growing fastest in these states  Fox Business

The fragmented way states have legalized medical marijuana means different businesses are operating under varying regulations that move at different speeds.


State shuts down Walled Lake marijuana testing lab for fudging test results  Detroit Free Press

Michigan has only six marijuana testing labs and Friday's action reduced the number of testing facilities to six after Iron Labs was shut down.


Key Congressional Chairman Sends Marijuana Email To NORML Activists  Forbes

The chairman of the influential House Judiciary Committee authored a message to NORML's email list on Monday—a notable signal of how the cannabis ...


Pot poisonings among kids, teens double after medical marijuana law passed  UPI News

Pot-related poisoning calls involving kids and teens more than doubled in Massachusetts after the state legalized medical marijuana, a new study reports.


Mike Tyson has a marijuana farm and smokes $40,000 worth of weed a month  Mashable

The former heavyweight champion boxer owns Tyson Ranch, a 40-acre marijuana farm that grows nine strains of cannabis.


Marijuana Legalization Measure Advances One Step In South Dakota  Marijuana Moment

South Dakota's attorney general filed an official explanation of a proposed ballot measure to legalize marijuana on Friday. While separate organizations are ...


Health effects of eating marijuana is subject of a new study  Medical Xpress

Researchers have conducted a study in which mice voluntarily ate a dough containing THC, the primary psychoactive component in marijuana. That opens the ...


FBI Seeks Tips On Marijuana Industry Corruption  Forbes

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is actively seeking tips on public corruption related to the marijuana industry, it announced on Thursday. Getty. Getty.


When the Law Says Using Marijuana Is O.K., but the Boss Disagrees  The New York Times

The relatively rapid acceptance of marijuana use in the United States has lawmakers and employers grappling with ways to adjust hiring rules.


Texas Investments Ignite Accusations Of Hypocrisy From Marijuana Advocates  KERA News

Advocates for medical and recreational marijuana in Texas said the state is hypocritical for opposing reforms while profiting off the industry. The State's.


The Coast Guard found $1 million worth of marijuana floating off California  CNN

The US Coast Guard said it and its partner agencies recovered 1300 pounds of marijuana wrapped in plastic from the water near Santa Catalina Island, one of ...


Georgia Hemp Farming Act Causes Counties To Stop Prosecuting Marijuana Cases  Georgia Public Broadcasting

In May, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed Georgia's Hemp Farming Act . The legislation legalized the growth and sale of hemp. Federally, hemp contains 0.3.


Bernie Sanders' unique plan to legalize marijuana  USA TODAY

The most vocal proponent of cannabis in Washington aims to make the green rush legal, if elected president.


Marijuana brownies, gummies, and chocolates ending up in toddlers’ hands  The Boston Globe

Since the first recreational marijuana shops opened last November, the number of calls to the state's poison control center about children 5 and younger ...


Plans For Medical Marijuana Facility In New Castle Canceled  CBS Pittsburgh

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — Plans for a medical marijuana dispensary in New Castle have been canceled. Harvest Health and Recreation says they will not move ...


Better Marijuana Stock: MedMen vs. Innovative Industrial Properties  The Motley Fool

Which stock wins in a matchup between a top cannabis retailer and the leading marijuana REIT?


Internships allow marijuana companies to 'grow talent from within'  Marijuana Business Daily

Cannabis companies are creating internship programs for college students and graduates whom the firms hope will eventually become full-time employees.


25 Biggest Marijuana Companies in the World  Yahoo Finance

What are the biggest marijuana companies in the world? If you are looking for the safest investment, marijuana companies may just be the next big thing.


New Mexico legalizing marijuana job numbers may be 'decent'  The Denver Channel

Legalizing recreational marijuana in New Mexico would create needed jobs in one of the poorest states in the nation, but the numbers would pale in comparison ...


Florida and Texas Decriminalize Marijuana Possession  Green Entrepreneur

Officials in both states have voiced their intention to stop prosecution of low-level marijuana cases.


Missouri extends deadline for medical marijuana applications  WDAF FOX4 Kansas City

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri is giving businesses that want to run medical marijuana facilities more time to file applications. Missouri's Department of ...


This Is The Most Marijuana-Friendly Congress In History  Forbes

A review of 2019 legislation, votes and hearings suggests that Congress is taking cannabis reform much more seriously than ever before.


Local News, Lt. governor tours Olney marijuana testing facility  Daily Inter Lake

Ron Brost, lab director for Stillwater Laboratories, shows Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney one part of the cannabis product testing process in the company's Olney office.


The Craziest Marijuana Statistic You'll Ever See  Yahoo Finance

For all intents and purposes, the legal weed market is considered to be among the fastest-growing industries on the planet. After the industry registered close to ...


Did Gov. Mike DeWine just legalize marijuana? Not quite  Toledo Blade

Just after hemp was legalized in Ohio, the attorney general's office is advising police to temporarily “suspend” marijuana testing — and by association, drug ...


Marijuana Legalization Is Finally Happening – But Until Now Black People Were Arrested For Using It  BET

Marijuana legalization is becoming more common but we shouldn't forget the harsh history of the LAPD & other law enforcement targeting Black people for ...

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